Inheritance Tax Plan

Inheritance Tax can cost your loved ones £100's of thousands

it's possible to legally avoid large amounts of it, or maybe even pay nothing at all.

We can help you plan...

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Inheritance Tax Planning

"Legal Inheritance Tax Planning is one of the easiest and biggest ways to save money possible" - Martin Lewis's MoneySavingsExpert

"You can maximise Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions if your estate might be worth more than the Inheritance Tax threshold." - HMRC

"Many people believe IHT planning is about giving away all of their assets. However, there are many planning strategies which enable someone to retain control of assets and still reduce or eliminate IHT liability. A good independent financial adviser can guide you through the options, the pros and cons and develop a tax efficient strategy". – Ian Osang, Partner at Ingard IFM LLP

Inheritance Tax (or 'IHT') planning can be defined as leaving you estate to the people you love in the most effective way. Even if you only consider yourself to be of moderate wealth, you and your family should still consider taking action, especially if you own a property or have money in savings.

In the past IHT planning was confined to the very rich, however, with high house prices, this is no longer the case. Tax strategies are not just for the rich! It is important to think about your children and grandchildren's financial future.